Racing: Any Future?

A change in Government has brought the obligatory upheaval at Caymanas Track Limited and the Regulatory Authorities but has there been any change of course.

The status quo had been a dizzying downward spiral as horse racing in Jamaica buried its head in the sand and refused to acknowledge that its competitors were miles ahead and its own masochistic tendencies were helping in that regard. One wondered at times if the Powers That Were even knew who and where their competition was.

It is true that the Gaming options in Jamaica had widened and were exerting market pressure on the racetrack but the real mortal danger to the local product was and is the customer friendly environs of internet betting which allowed punters a wide variety of products worldwide at vastly superior percentage odds. Not only was Caymanas Park not the only game in town, the town was not the only location in which to play.

Has the new slate of traditionalists the modern-day experience to combat this persistent and insidious enemy? Does the Government understand the urgent need to reform and rationalize the Regulatory structure so that it becomes efficient and ceases to be a drain on resources that would be more productively channeled to the modernization of the industry?

And, what about Naomi? More Anon

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