More Cricket Heresy and The Governor’s Cup

Since my last piece on the West Indies team I have been deluged with accusations that I will not say specifically who should go and who should stay.

I thought I had made it clear that the problem was a philosophical one and not one of personnel.  It has more to do with the methodology of decision-making than the decision- making itself.  The process is more important than the persons affected.  And the process begins with the fashioning of a proper Mission Statement so we all know exactly where we are going.  This cannot be done by a few people at WICB Headquarters but must come from the grassroots by way of a survey or poll to be conducted to discover our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities for success and threats to that objective.  From that survey, the principles upon which the selection of contracted players must be based will arise so urgently and obviously that the selection process of individuals will become a simple task.

But, if you want one man’s view, here it is.  In my West Indies team, commitment and hunger for the success of the team trumps raw talent every time.  On that basis, Gayle and Sarwan’s exit is an easy decision to make.  Marlon Samuels would be banished forever to the Land of punting rather than participating; and nobody named Smith would ever again be considered.  Also as easy is the decision to persevere with the ,likes of Chanderpaul (elder statesman/Mentor), Bravo and Nash who, together with the Leadership duo of Ganga/Ramdin (already named) would form the nucleus of the future West Indies Team.  After that, every pick is to be made on the basis of commitment, fitness, youth and endurance (both mental and physical) regardless of one’s last name or what one has accomplished in the past.  What have you done for me lately is to be the mantra.

Put that all together with a cadre of specialist Coaches and continuous education for all team members (including, where necessary, in the use of a knife and fork) and it will not take long for us to be on top of the world again.  That most important thing that the players must be convinced of is that it matters not who you are or from whence you hie, your place on the team is rooted in the NOW and the HOW.  WIPA must be restricted to negotiating terms and conditions but not to become involved, however obliquely, in team selection.

Finally, a word on the forgotten sport, Horse racing.  Saturday is Governor’s Cup Day at Caymanas Park.  If you want to know my views on the entire card tune in to KLAS FM (89.3; 89.5; 89.9M on the FM band; on the internet) at 6:15 p.m. (CDT: 12:15 a.m. on Saturday morning in England) and listen to Turf Talk with Guest Lecturer Your Humble Scribe.

Good Luck!


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