So, the much bally-hooed Sunday racing is off.
Will heads roll at CTL for this obvious incompetently planned move? These days, public officers are losing their well-performed jobs for the sin of earning too much so what happens if you fail to perform?
Could no one see that Sunday racing is not a transplantable American phenomenon? Is CTL being run by persons of commerce or commercialism? The United States of America is a vast hinterland with a population of gazillions, hundreds of racetracks and a Constitution that banishes the Church from matters of State. In the U.S.A., Trainers have massive multiple stables and rotatable staff. In Jamaica, our occupational licence holders have no rest save on Sunday afternoon. How silly was it to expect a seven day work week to, well, “work”?
And what made the talking-heads at CTL believe that the Church would permit its members to gamble openly on a Sunday? Turfites who are perennial Saturday visitors to the track, repent by holding up the Church walls on Sundays. And they are not going to disobey the word of their Pastors lest they be condemned to Hell for repeating their Saturday infractions on a Sunday. It just will not work in Jamaica.
It’s time for us to stop trying to become Americans and trying to make Jamaica look like America. We are not Americans any more than we were British (less so) and Jamaica will never be America. Less than 5% of our population use computers and the bulk of CTL’s revenues come from the $40 bettor on the lower levels. Most of the customers in the air-conditioned lounges bring their cell phones and give their business to the Bookies who are open to take race by race betting illegally thanks to the blind eyes turned by the BGLC. Where will those $40 bettors be refunded on Saturday night to bet on Sunday? A.T.M. Machines? Don’t make me choke with laughter.
We do not have America’s horse production; wide variety of racetracks or unchurchified markets. CTL simply thought that we could import the American experience to Jamaica. No regard was given to Jamaican law; Jamaican culture; or Jamaican realities. How can you be planning something so fundamentally different for so long and not be aware of basic issues such as the law preventing your OTBs from opening and the unavailability of live radio broadcasts? Was anyone taking any independent advice or was it just all hot air? There can’t have been any real planning – just announcements. The only proper way to describe the fiasco is gross incompetence (144 times worse than normal incompetence) and the culprit(s) must be fired and their jobs given to professionals who understand the business of racing as opposed to the racing business.
Good Luck!


One Response to “NEVER, NEVER ON A SUNDAY”

  1. Patrick Rousseau Says:

    Congrats on an excellent article and sharp analysis. These are the same persons who have overturned the decision to stp both Exacta and Quioniela betting on races of less than 8 starters without any analysis; guaranteed for CTL to lose money on each such race. I never thought Sunday racing had the slightest chance of success. I wonder why they did not do Friday racing probably instead of Wednesday or Sunday, as it has always been well supported.

    Jamaica Broilers must be pleased at the amount of egg splashed all over their faces.

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