I see that our resident Bull-in-a-China-Shop has stuck his chin way out front and announced the CTL’s Board’s intent to press on regardless.

There’s still time before the Sabbath for the Board to come to their collective senses and call off the economic tsunami they are about to inflict on Caymanas Park.  Or is this a case of the deaf leading the blind?  Only someone hard of hearing would be unable to tune in to the warning signals being shouted from the rooftops and only the blind would not be able to see the certain result of this supreme folly.  This sort of Churchillian obstinacy (no pun intended) works fine when the world is being threatened by Nazi extremists but has no place in the arena of modern commerce.

In taking this rash decision, the CTL Board is clearly acting in direct conflict with the wishes of its only shareholder, the Government of Jamaica.  Why do I say this?  Elementary, my Dear Watson!  If the Government wanted Sunday racing to proceed, it would not have essayed yet another abrupt volte face and refused to approve the opening of OTBs or the live radio broadcasts.  This is akin to commercial suicide if what one intends is for one’s company to proceed.  So the Board is not only commercially feeble-minded, it is also suicidal.  Since this same Government, fearful of the consequences of defying an equally inept but loud Office of the Contractor General, fired an entire CTL Board for doing the right thing in the pursuit of commercial success, surely this commercially suicidal Board must now suffer the same fate?

Many more successful and powerful entities in Jamaica (e.g. both political Parties) have painfully learned that you might be able to fight City Hall but you just can’t fight the Church.  And, to enter such an unwinnable fight with a fatally flawed business plan at the outset is just plain lunacy.

Good Luck!


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