The PNP better get its act together and soon.

If not, it’s in imminent danger of expeditiously completing its inexorable journey to irreversible irrelevance. Already, its leadership, creaking at the joints like Christine, the 1958 Plymouth Fury; quick-witted as the Hulk; and as united as the EU, is suffering by comparison to the JLP with its fit, fashionable, handsome young leader and mainly young, forward thinking lieutenants (plus Mike and Pearnel).

Portia Simpson-Miller has overstayed her welcome and thumbed her nose at Jamaica’s electorate who twice booted her from Jamaica House. But she isn’t solely to blame for failing to promptly resign.  PNP senior Officers owe a duty to PNP and every Jamaican to convene a private meeting with Portia and politely tell her “it’s time….” She’ll get the message once there’s nobody absent from the delegation from whom she might hope to seek solace.

“(It’s time to go now)
oh, this is our first date
but, as you can see,
it’s getting late.
(It’s time to go now)
 So, it’s time to run.
It’s really been fun
but I’ve gotta go now (go now).
It’s time to go now (go NOW!)

Until PNP acts as if election losses have personal consequences, Jamaica will never be a democracy and citizens’ treatment by political parties’ will continue to be contemptuous. David Cameron instantly accepted the personal consequence of his recent referendum loss.  A short time ago, the late Patrick Manning did the same.  Neither Kamla Persad-Bissessar nor Portia Simpson-Miller considered this necessary or desirable.

It’s not only Portia whose time is long past. PNP’s Election Appraisal Committee reported:

“….there was a breakdown of trust, among elements of the leadership,…..  This was never resolved and led to the campaign being dysfunctional and divided.”


“…the Party’s organization was not election-ready due to low worker morale; unresolved candidate selection issues; problematic relationships between some MPs and Councillors…

These are unambiguous, unanswerable indictments on the Party Secretariat and General Secretary where all “bucks” stop.  It’s yet another sign of politicians’ attitude of eternal entitlement that the General Secretary hasn’t yet resigned especially as I haven’t heard him publicly contradict any of these findings. He contends these arguments ought to be private but fails to understand his position is a public one; dependent on public support; and must be dealt with transparently.

Oh boy,
believe me I hate to leave you
but it’s something that I must do;
(it’s time to go now).
It’s simply been great
so I hope you understand
I’ve gotta go now (go now).
It’s time to go now (go NOW!)

Gladys Knight and family (“The Pips”) formed one of the best Rhythm and Blues singing groups of any generation yet were repeatedly under-rated by MoTown. After switching to Buddah Records (1973), they recorded their smash hit Midnight Train to Georgia (won Song of the Year Grammy) which includes my idea of the best harmony found on any record. The group won multiple Grammy/AMA awards and was inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame (2001) and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (1996).

The Julian Robinson led Appraisal Committee found an as yet unresolved “breakdown of trust, among elements of the leadership


In this regard, I also take issue with the Appraisal Committee. This isn’t a private club. These people will be offering themselves to the electorate soon enough. We have a right to know who didn’t trust who and why. PNP, particularly Peter Phillips, was strident about matters of “integrity” and “trust” especially as it fed its intense, warped curiosity about the Opposition Leader’s family home.

In light of the Appraisal Committee’s public assertion these trust breakdowns were NEVER RESOLVED, we insist on knowing who in the PNP we can trust; who has trust queries against his/her name; and who we shouldn’t trust.  Ask Bob:

Man to man is so unjust;
Children, ya don’t know who to trust.
Your worst enemy could be your best friend
and your best friend your worst enemy.

Some will eat and drink with you
then behind them su-su ‘pon you.
Only your friend know your secrets
so only he could reveal it.
And who the cap fit, let them wear it!

If PNP won’t do what’s right, WE will. Prince Buster’s mantra says it all:

They got to go they got to go
They got to go they got to go
They got to go they got to go
They all got to go

Peace and Love


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