NOTE FROM THE TERRIBLE TOUT: This article is written by Jeffrey Mordecai, an Attorney-at-law and registered part owner of Derby 1st past the post, Future King.  It was submitted to the Gleaner in response to one published by the Gleaner but it was edited to the point of distortion especially by way of omission of the photos shown here.

I am one of the so called ‘experts’ referred to in Gleaner Guest Columnist, David Miller’s column in the Friday Gleaner of August 5, 2016.


Having a ‘fool’ for client, I brought an unsuccessful Appeal on behalf of the connections of ‘Future King’ before the JRC. Coincidentally, David Miller is the second member of the Miller family to publicly speak out in favour of Future King’s disqualification in the Jamaica Derby 2016.


In contrast I recall declining all pre-Appeal requests for interviews, so I plead ‘not guilty’ to making public utterances prior to the hearing of the Appeal and plead ‘never guilty’ to bringing the sport of racing into disrepute. Many persons have, unsolicited, stated their views on this issue to me and that is part of the wonderful world of horse racing.


I operate under the principle that reasonable people can reasonably disagree and wish more Jamaicans in all walks of life, and particularly in leadership positions, would adopt that mantra.


My response to Mr. Miller’s position is to rely on another better known principle; ‘a picture is worth a 1000 words’.


(1)     Picture no.1 – Gleaner guest columnist leading in ‘Big Daddy Kool’ after the St. Leger.




(2)     Picture no. 2 – ‘Orpheus’ with Shane Ellis interfering with ‘Big Daddy Kool’ at the 4f in the Derby.



(3)     Picture no. 3 – Shane Ellis with whip in left hand at the 1f pole in the Derby, having changed the whip from his right hand, about to strike the whip out of Steadman’s right hand on ‘Big Daddy Kool’; note that Future King and Jockey Halledeen are not involved.



Since expertise is the subject of David Miller’s guest column, did you know that:


(1) The Stewards did not realize and therefore could not consider, while making their decision that both Ellis and Steadman lost their whips in the stretch duel which most racing fans would agree would affect the result.


(2) The Stewards did not realize while making their decision that ‘Will in Charge’ was the horse most seriously interfered with at the 4f yet his name is not mentioned in the Steward’s Report of the race and his Jockey J. Ervin was not called by the Stewards.


(3)         The Stewards did not hear Jockey Halledeen, while making their decision, despite having heard Jockeys Ellis and Steadman in person and both of those jockeys not mentioning to the Stewards that they had lost their whips.


To prove the above I attach the Steward’s Report.


Incidentally those who are interested in ‘Future King’s’ performance in the St. Ledger, he slammed into the gate while being loaded in a blindfold, making a sound like a ‘gunshot’ according to another jockey in the gate. He was not taken out and examined and finished last as the 2-5 favourite and came back battered, bruised, swollen and in pain and was defeated by ‘Big Daddy Kool’ for the first time, as the horses past the post.


‘Orpheus’, the most fortunate winner of a classic race in the history of horse racing, has never beaten Future King, as the horses past the post.


I have no difficulty being criticized and an Attorney who represents himself has a fool for a client. But any criticism is usually by an impartial person and based on factual evidence. I do not hide my connection with the horses involved in the incident. I am the duly registered owner of Future King.


What’s your connection Mr. Miller?


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  1. Paul Wright Says:

    How can the stewards continue to operate like they do? Does anybody care? I am very worried. The “powers that be” pay absolutely no attention to anything remotely sounding like criticism. I will continental to voice and say my concerns. ……but, the JRC and CTL are living and operating in a sound proof box, while the sport suffers.
    Dr.Paul Wright


    […] Courage to name these miscreants deserted David but he was sufficiently descriptive of Jeffrey Mordecai, part owner of Future King, for him to respond. But the Gleaner (as usual sacrificing meaning on the altar of space) completely distorted his incisively presented argument with excessive editing.  Jeffrey’s original response (including two revealing photographs not published by the Gleaner) can be seen at: (…16-jamaica-derby/). […]

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